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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet Southern Boy Baby Shower

Today I am super excited to participate in a virtual baby shower for my dear friend, Nikki! Even though this is a "virtual" shower, Nikki is not just my "virtual" friend. She and I met about 5 years ago when we were both living in Illinois. We attended the same church and Andrew and I were in a small group with Nikki and her husband, Ben. Nikki was one of the first professional bloggers that I ever met. I have learned so much from her by watching her blogging journey and she was a great encourager to me when I started Twinkle and Twine. Even though we don't live near each other any more, I'm glad that I can stay connected with her by reading her fabulous food blog, "Seeded at the Table."

This is the first "virtual" shower I've participated in, so I'm sure the concept is unfamiliar to many people. Here's how it works...a group of bloggers participate in a virtual shower on a pre-designated date by posting ideas of things they would make, were the shower to actually take place (since we're scattered all over the country it's not possible for us to get together for a real live shower).

Because Nikki's family recently relocated to Mississippi, the theme of the virtual shower is "Sweet Southern Boy." All of the posts for Nikki's shower feature a party idea or recipe that ties into this theme. Kelsey from Apple a Day and Jessica from Sunny Side Up coordinated this fun virtual shower for Nikki and both have written round up posts with links to the blogs of everyone who is participating. Kelsey's round up can be found here, and Jessica's can be found here. So pull up a chair and join us in celebration of Nikki's Sweet Southern Boy!

For my contribution to Nikki's shower I decided to create a table setting and shower favor. When I think of the South I think of, porch swings, magnolias, picket fences, sweet tea, spanish moss, and tractors. I wanted to infuse this classic southern charm into the table decor while also mixing in some culinary flair in honor of Nikki's love of cooking.

Although this table setting looks quite classy, it can actually be created relatively inexpensively. Here's how you can replicate this look...

Bay Leaf Spice Jar Favors...When I found these canning jar style spice jars at World Market, they were too cute to pass up! Since bay leaves are frequently used in southern soups and stews, they were the perfect spice to fill the jars with. I added a cute pun on the tag and voila!...fun Bay-by shower favors perfect for a foodie!

  • Spice Jars - (purchased at Cost Plus World Market for .99 cents each, available here)
  • Bay Leaves - You don't need to pack your favor jars full, about 10 leaves is plenty. (World Market sells two varieties, available here and here - I bought the $4.00 jar and it contained enough leaves to fill at least 5 of the favors. If you're planning a big party you could buy bay leaves in bulk from Costco or Sams.)
  • Baker's Twine - (purchased at Cost Plus World Market for $3.00, available here)
  • Tags - Designed on my home computer, printed on cardstock, and punched out with a tag shaped punch. 

To Assemble: Put the bay leaves in the favor jars and tie the tag around the top of the jar with a piece of Baker's Twine...easy peasy lemon squeezy

Candles...This little DIY project is super simple, but adds the perfect touch of warmth and color to the table.

  • Tea Light Candles - (purchased in bulk at Cost Plus World Market, $8.00 for 50 candles)
  • Baker's Twine - (purchased at Cost Plus World Market for $3.00, available here)

To Assemble: Wrap the twine around the candle three times and knot the ends together. Trim the ends of the twine, making sure to cut them short enough that they can't possibly touch the flame (we don't want to start any fires!). Adding the twine elevates the look of the candles and makes them a little more special.

Flower Arrangement...Originally I envisioned using magnolias or white hydrangeas, but those aren't so easy to come by in Southern California, so I opted for a more economical alternative, Alstroemeria. I added another culinary accent by using a super-cute mini green colander as the container for the arrangement.

  • Flowers - I purchased one bunch of Alstroemeria for $4.00 from the grocery store, but any white flowers would work.
  • Mini Green Colander - (purchased for $2.00 from World Market, not available online, but here's the item description)

To Assemble: Line the colander with something to hold the water. If you have a glass bowl that would be best, if not, do what I did and use a layer of saran wrap. Cut a large piece of saran wrap and lay it inside the bowl so that it covers all the holes in the colander (make sure it's secure). Fill with water. Cut the flower stems short and arrange the flowers inside the colander.

Tractor...Adding a toy John Deere tractor on the table ties the whole theme together and brings in the baby boy element. John Deere tractors are the perfect complimentary shade of green and they also pay homage to the culinary thread that is woven throughout the decor. The tractor will likely be the priciest element of the table setting ($10-$15), but it can double as a baby gift...the perfect toy for a Sweet Southern Boy.

Thanks so much for stopping by to celebrate with me today! Congratulations, Nikki! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see photos of your sweet southern boy! :)


  1. Rebekah! I'm so extremely flattered you did this for me! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, girl. Such a beautiful table setting, I only wish we were really celebrating this in real life so I could see this in person! Between your ideas and Brooke's, I'm ready to throw a shower for someone with this exact theme!

    And, when will we ever get to see each other again?? We miss you guys!!!

  2. Jessica @ Sunny Side UpApril 12, 2013 at 9:40 AM

    Rebekah! You really went above and beyond with this beautiful table setting! All the photos are great but that last photo is just stunning, and exactly the image I have in my head when I think of a Southern sunset! Thank you for joining in the fun!

  3. Jessica Reddick GatlinApril 12, 2013 at 10:10 AM

    Super cute, Rebekah! I'd love to sit down to this beautiful table! :)

  4. This is really just too cute! You got the Southern part right. I love everything that you did!

  5. Ok I think I just found a new favorite blog!! Love your table decorations. Utterly sweet and adorable!!

  6. Rebekah, this is just so lovely. I am such a fan of every element you've used. I wish we could've done a real life shower for Nikki because I'd love to ooh and aah over your details in person. Thank you so much for participating!

  7. Thanks Kelsey! I had such a fun time participating in this shower, thanks again for hosting!

  8. Thanks Sheila, I'm so glad to have found your blog too! Those enchiladas look amazing!

  9. Thanks Lisa...I'm definitely going to have to make some your ham and pineapple biscuits...yummy! Also, your photographs are gorgeous!

  10. Thanks Jessica! I love eating banana bread with cream cheese on it, so I know that I would love banana bread with cream cheese in it!...Definitely going to have to try your recipe!

  11. Thanks Jessica! I was excited about the ambiance the light created in that last photo...so calming. :) Thanks again for hosting this shower, it has been so fun to participate and be introduced to so many fabulous blogs.

  12. Thanks Nikki! I'm so glad you put my name on the list to participate. I had such a fun time working on this post! We miss you guys too!!! I hope our paths cross sometime soon! We'll be praying for you as you prepare for your sweet southern boy's arrival.

    Also, could you send me your address?...I have something to send to you...hint: it's green and has four wheels :)


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