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Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Upcycled Gift Tags

I love giftwrap and wrapping supplies. One of my favorite things about giving someone a gift is thinking about how to wrap it in a beautiful and creative way. My Mother-In-Law is also a giftwrap lover...In fact, this year, in a funny coincidence, we discovered that we both gave each other gift wrapping supplies as part of our Christmas gifts. :) Our family laughs every year because we get as much enjoyment out of carefully saving each piece of ribbon from our packages as we do out of the gifts themselves.

Christmas is over and 2012 has come to an end, so you likely have a bunch of Christmas cards and a couple of old calendars lying around. Now is the perfect time to replenish your supply of gift tags. Here is a super easy way that you can repurpose beautiful cards and calendars into gorgeous gift tags. With just a couple of Christmas cards you can make enough tags for all of next year's Christmas gifts!

Here's what you'll need:


  • Christmas cards, calendars, etc. with beautiful images (you'll want to make sure that you are using cards and calendars that are printed on thick cardstock type paper)
  • Hole punch (one that makes a small hole is best)
  • Gift tag punches (these come in various sizes, find them on sale or use a coupon and they're not too expensive)
  • Baker's twine 
Step 1: Look at your supply of cards and figure out which sections would make the best tags. Flip your gift tag punch over and place the section of the card you want on your tag in the middle of the punch. You may have to crop down your cards so that they fit properly in the punch. If you don't have punches, you could use scissors instead and cut tags out by hand. Make sure you aren't cutting a section of the card that has writing on the opposite side.

Step 2: Use your small hole punch to punch a hole in the top of the tag.

Step 3: Fold a 6" piece of baker's twine in half and feed the folded end through the hole in the tag. Put the to ends of the twine through the loop of the folded end and pull tight.

Step 4: Wrap a beautiful package and put your tag on top.

As you're working on your tags, don't neglect the backside of your Christmas cards. Often they are printed with a beautiful pattern as well and will work great for making gift tags (the red damask tags in some of the photos above came from the back of a card).


  1. Love this!! It's very rewarding to use all of those paper things we save because they are just too pretty to throw away.

  2. great idea. I was planning on making stars out of the all the xmas cards but we can vary it now!

  3. this is such a clever and earth-friendly idea!

  4. This will definitely bring a bit more flair to my wrapping this season!

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