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Friday, June 29, 2012

Time Flies When You're Really Busy

The month of June feels like it has flown by! As you have probably guessed from my lack of posts, things have been busy! It really bothers me to have fallen out of the rhythm of posting, but I am determined to get back on top of it. :) I feel like I owe you an explanation for my absence, but the truth is, life just got a little crazy.

Here is what I have been up to, in no particular order . . .

1. Andrew and I spent a few weekends this month at my parent's house (2 hrs. away) where I got in some good quilting time. My mom and I are completely addicted to the "quilt as you go" method and have been creating different patterns using that technique....more on this soon.

2. Andrew and his brother have been in a Biggest Loser style weight loss challenge since last January. The final weigh in is just a couple days away, so we have been in full force with a healthy eating and exercise regime.  Since I have been participating along with Andrew in this get-healthy challenge, I too have seen some weight loss results. This has been the perfect excuse for several shopping outings this month. I'm loving the bright colors and bold stripes on everything. . . I found some great deals recently at TJ Maxx, Ann Taylor Loft, and Target. Isn't the picture above so true?! I went to Target a few days ago and ended up getting two shirts and a pair of shoes for $20 total, good deal!

3. I have been typesetting a theology book for a group of college professors. This is my first typesetting project and I have learned that professional typesetting is tedious work! I am now very familiar with the differences between en dashes and em dashes, curly quotes and straight quotes, and embedded quotes and extracts. I am grateful for the experience and the extra income will definitely help with the aforementioned shopping trips.

4. Our summer work schedule started at work. . . for five weeks this summer we are switching to a 4 day a week, 10 hour a day schedule. I like the schedule so far and am excited about having Fridays off, although I would not recommend working 10 hour days while also trying to typeset a book in your "spare time". . . live and learn.

5. I got new contacts . . . exciting, huh?! Isn't this the kind of thrilling information you were hoping to read when you opened this blog post? It actually was exciting because I put it off for so long that I ended up wearing a pair of 2 week contacts for over a month. My eye doctor was horrified when I told her this. She gave me a trial pair to wear until I ordered my new ones and I again ended up wearing those past their prime. As if this wasn't bad enough, I then discovered that I was out of contact solution at around midnight one evening this week. . . well actually I did have some trial solution that my eye doctor gave me, but it is a special kind that contains peroxide and your lenses have to soak in it for a minimum of 6 hours so that the peroxide has enough time to neutralize in its special contact case, otherwise your lenses will burn your eyes out. Unfortunately, the combination of staying up late to typeset a book and getting up early to work 10 hour days meant that I didn't have 6 hours and as a result I decided to soak my already old and uncomfortable contacts in water overnight instead of contact solution. Anyone who has done this knows that putting contacts soaked in tap water in your eyes in the morning is only slightly less painful that putting burn-your-eyes-out-peroxide soaked lenses in your eyes (disclaimer: I'm sure that tap water soaked contact lenses are horrifying to my eye doctor as well, so please don't try it yourself). Needless to say, picking up my new contacts earlier this week was in fact exciting.

Well that's enough rambling and random information for now. . . I have lots of creative ideas floating around in my head so I plan to post some new projects soon.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Just take care of yourself...your eyes, sleep time, exercise, hubby, etc...and don't worry about the blog. We ALL know how conscientious you are...so, PLEASE, please, just relax!


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