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Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Sweater Makeover

I have been needing wanting a white, v-neck, cardigan sweater for a while, so when I found this one at Target the other day, I decided to buy it. It was inexpensive and the material seemed to be good quality, so I was sold. The only problem was that I wasn't a big fan of the buttons. They were just simple white plastic buttons, nothing fancy, and I thought they looked a little cheap. But this was a problem that I could solve easily enough...so I decided to do a mini sweater makeover. :)

I purchased some inexpensive, but classy looking buttons at Joann's and with these simple materials, I replaced all of the buttons:

Presto change-o...a sweater with a bit more jazz!

Have you made over any store-bought clothing to make it better suit your taste?

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  1. Easy, simple. You made it special! My kind of idea. 

    I love to sew, too. I've been making my own clothes (certainly not all of them, though) since I was 11! I've always preferred VOGUE patterns, or my own original designs. 

    When I was in grade 12 (1970-71), fur trimmed coats were in. I was given a sweet coat with great lines, but it was too short for the current style. So, I added a 6 inch band of fur (man-made) along the bottom and changed the buttons to suit the new look. I had such fun wearing that coat! Very '70's trendy. My chem. teacher, aka school annual photographer liked that coat so much, he tracked me down in the GIRLS LOUNGE, to take a photo, and put it into that year's annual! 

    As a young married, I once was making a fully lined, dressy skirt & blazer. While trimming the seams/corners inside the collar, I accidentally made a V-shaped nick in the center of the collar flap. Dead front and center! :/ I was totally dismayed, and put the project aside, until I'd calmed down enough to make the best of the catastrophe. Then, I CAREFULLY hand monogrammed a sexy little 1/2 inch high, scripted J (for Judith), right over the nick, securely gathering the nicked fabric edges into the embroidery. I was pleased when I received numerous compliments on my finished product. :)

    Sometimes, make-overs become the most original and stylish additions to our wardrobe.

    Keep your creative jazz going, Rebekah! By the way, you are a beautiful lady.


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