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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Do you remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned how my first attempt at making a jewelry organizer was a failure? Well, this morning I transformed the picture frame from that project blooper into this fun dry erase board. I've seen this project on Pinterest several times and thought that it would be the perfect way to salvage this frame. Best of all, it took me a mere 5 minutes to complete! Simply cover the particle board frame back with fabric and insert it into the frame behind the glass. This project is really versatile because fabric can be chosen to match any decor. Our office/craft room has lime green accents so this green fabric from Crate and Barrel Outlet is perfect for the space and perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

Tonight, to celebrate his Irish heritage, Andrew cooked us a delicious dinner of beef stew and Irish soda bread. Didn't the bread come out beautifully?! Everything tasted as good as it looked.

Full Disclosure: Our stove top was/is not as clean as it looks in the photos above. I couldn't stand the look of the splatters in the photos, so I did a little "digital clean up"...Now to clean the real thing :)


  1. Happy to see Beef Stew and Irish Soda bread being prepared in Southern California!  They look perfect.  Great idea for using a "failed" project as well.

  2. So ingenious! So creative! :) So culinary! So yummy! 
    So techy! Ahhh...a digitally cleaned home. ;D You 2 are amazin'

  3. Awwww, I really miss you two!! :)  And, man, I wish we could really digitally clean our homes like that!

  4. We miss you too, Nikki! Wouldn't it be nice if cleaning was as easy as a click of the mouse?! :)


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