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Monday, September 12, 2011

Super-Easy Fabric Storage Solution

If you're looking for an easy way to store your fabric, try a hanging closet organizer. My mom suggested this storage technique when we moved into our new apartment (thanks mom!) and I love it. In our previous apartment I stored my fabric in a dresser. While that worked okay, it was always difficult to know what fabric I had on hand, without taking it all out of the drawers.

This storage solution allows you to see exactly what you have, without disturbing anything...fabulous! And if you do want to take some fabric out to look at or test for a project, it's super-easy to put it right back where it came from. As you can see, I organized my fabric by color. A quick scan of the shelf allows me to see exactly what shades I have on hand (no shortage of neutrals here!).

Don't have closet near your craft space? No worries...try a cubby style bookshelf instead, or perhaps some cool wooden crates stacked on their sides. The wonderful thing about this storage solution is that it's easy to maintain and it looks great too!

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  1. I'm using one of those for my skeins of yarn...BUT I think I like it better for the fabric because, like you wrote, it's easier to SEE it that way. Brilliant!


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