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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is the beginning...

A little over a month ago, my husband and I packed up our apartment in Illinois and drove into the next chapter of our life, in California. He is entering seminary and I am on the brink of an exciting new occupational adventure...I just don't know what it is yet.

In the mean time I am starting this blog, finally.


  1. First things first, I'm a fan of the blog!

    I would however like to make an addendum to this post. Above it states that you and your husband "packed up your apartment in Illinois and drove ... to California" I recall being there with your brother, carrying things, and driving too. I just want a shout out for all parties that participated. It was our sweat and time too. Just sayin...

    Love the blog, look forward to more posts.


  2. Lol...thanks for your comment Brent! You are right, I did abbreviate this post a bit (perhaps too much!)...we definitely wouldn't have been able to make the move without the help of you and Blake! :) Thanks again for all of your heavy lifting during that process!


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