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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fabric Wall Treatment

We apartment-dwellers, know the challenges of creatively enhancing our space while not making any permanent changes to the building. I love to watch HGTV and often find myself wishing I could wallpaper, paint, install, renovate...you get the idea. However rental properties often come with restrictions, and on top of that, I don't want to invest a lot of money into upgrades for a home that I don't own. Here's an easy solution to the wall treatment dilemma that 1) won't break the bank and 2) can easily be removed when you move out.

The back wall of our dining area was screaming for a little attention...all of the walls in our apartment are white, so I knew I needed to do something to make this space a little more dramatic. It took shopping trips to two different stores (and two fabric purchases!) to arrive at this choice, but I think the final result was worth it. The fabric is installed with three thumbtacks along the top and three thumbtacks along the base of the wall...very easy! In order to hang the mirror in front, I cut a couple of small slits in the fabric so the nail heads could protrude.

One thing that makes this fabric successful is the large graphic pattern. We have a lot of art, color, and pattern in our apartment, so I needed something that would ground the space without competing with everything around it. I could have used a solid fabric, but I'm more of a pattern person and wanted something with just a touch of visual interest.

The fabric I used is Marimekko's "Joiku" fabric which I purchased from Crate and Barrel Outlet for a little under $5 a yard...can't beat that! I bought three yards and have a little bit left over...hmmm, what to do with the rest?

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  1. Wow, what a flawless work! I am not a fan of yellow wallpaper but this one blew me away.

    Ryan Homes


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